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spiky green blooms from the agave plant

Featured Plant

Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata’

This agave is a charismatic and eye catching succulent with curvaceous, lance shaped variegated foliage. However, what is really captivating is the recent production of a 2.5 meter (8.2 feet) tall flower spike awash with alluring lime green flowers. The buds first began forming towards the end of November 2018 but in late January, opened to begin a stunning floral display which will lasted for a short number of weeks.

Though this is a spectacular event, it also spells the end for this stunning plant. Agave desmettiana ‘Variegata’ is monocarpic, meaning that it flowers only once in its lifetime and then will die. The production of seeds causes changes induced by chemicals that act as hormones redirecting resources from the roots and leaves to the production of seeds. This enormous bust of energy happens typically at about 10 years of age and ultimately leads to the plants death. This plant does however, leave behind a legacy. Numerous offsets or pups are produced around the base of the plant which can be potted up to create new plants.

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Check in to learn what you can see during your visit to Royal Botanical Gardens! Bloom information is updated weekly, posted before the weekend. Find more photos on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds!

Please note some blooms are very weather-dependant, and conditions may change quickly.


RBG Centre

Come soak in the warm temperatures of RBG's only public greenhouse! Enjoy the the blooms of the Bird of Paradise, stroll through the Cacti and Succulent collection, and learn about the plants in Mediterranean climates. Don't miss the changing breezeway display!

pink magnolia blooms just starting to open

Rock Garden

Rock Garden slumbers for the winter season. Come take a stroll through this beautiful winter wonderland.

pink crabapple blooms


Enjoy the many trails and trees of the Arboretum! The arboretum is filled with trees of all sizes. Check out the synaptic shrub collection to learn about the wide variety of shrubs that can be grown in our area.

grouping of three pink rose blooms

Hendrie Park

Walk the winding paths of the rose garden this winter! The blooms may be gone, but a keen eye can spot the beautiful forms of the remaining rose hips.


grouping of white, flat blooms

Laking Garden

Laking Garden is closed for the season. See you in the spring!

Seasonal Bloom Times

Bloom time is often influenced by many natural events including temperature and climate. As these can vary from year to year bloom times are influenced by these factors. Below you will find ‘average’ bloom times for a number of RBG’s collections but please bear in mind that if we experience an early or late spring, bloom times could shift up to 10 days earlier or 10 days later.

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Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s Celebrate Ontario program is generously supporting Blooms at RBG.

Iris beds in Laking Garden

Gardens and Trails

The ever-changing seasons, blooms, and natural phenomenon make each visit a new experience. Explore and enjoy the many historical outdoor plant collections, the indoor Mediterranean Garden, and 27 km of nature trails. Learn More


Pink Garden Roses in full bloom

New Rose Garden

Hendrie Park's Rejuvenated Rose Garden re-opens to the public June 23. This innovative new garden will feature hardy roses and companion plants for a season full of colour. Learn More


children smelling Bird of Paradise Flowers

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