What’s in the Garden this Week:

  • Daffodils in the Bulb Room/Breezeway can be found in a diverse mix of cultivated varieties, from the peach centred ‘Perfect Lady’ to the tiny floating ‘Golden Bells’ they continue to show off their cheerful colours.
  • Lilacs, flowering almonds, iris, crocus, hyacinth, and even a tulip or two continue to make the Bulb Room/Breezeway a welcome respite from the cold. Full of lovely scented flowers and a rich colour palette you may find it hard when it comes time to leave.
  • Weeping bottlebrush continues to provide wow factor as you enter the Mediterranean Garden, but the garden floor is peppered in interesting blooms if you keep your pay attention, from eye-popping Amaryllis to delicate Dietes.

Featured Blooms

Plant of the Week

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Bloom Times

Bloom time is often influenced by many natural events including temperature and climate. As these can vary from year to year bloom times are influenced by these factors. Below you will find ‘average’ bloom times for a number of RBG’s collections but please bear in mind that if we experience an early or late spring, bloom times could shift up to 10 days earlier or 10 days later.

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