What’s in the Garden this Week:

  • Colourful and deliciously fragrant flowers are popping up all over the Mediterranean Garden. Keep your eyes and nose peeled!
  • Experience a taste of spring in the Bulb Room now full of Amaryllis and other bulbs. Keep an eye out for flowering trees and shrubs as they start to bud and eventually burst into bloom in the warmth of the indoor display room.
  • Just when you thought there was nothing that could possibly be surviving (let alone thriving) outside, the Witch Hazel is blooming! A red cultivar called ‘Jelena’ is in flower in the Rock Garden and it’s worth a wander down to the Arboretum to keep an eye on the several cultivars held in the Synoptic Shrub Collection that could very well be blooming soon.

Featured Blooms

Plant of the Week

Each week we celebrate a plant found at RBG. Learn all about them here before you head out to find them in our gardens and on our trails! Read More

Bloom Times

Bloom time is often influenced by many natural events including temperature and climate. As these can vary from year to year bloom times are influenced by these factors. Below you will find ‘average’ bloom times for a number of RBG’s collections but please bear in mind that if we experience an early or late spring, bloom times could shift up to 10 days earlier or 10 days later.

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