What's in Bloom

long pine needles on branch

Plant of the Week:
Pinus strobus - White Pine

As the last drops of snow make their way through town and the garden areas continue to wake, now is the perfect moment to highlight the gorgeously majestic Pinus strobus, or Eastern White Pine.... Read More


Snow has finally made an appearance at Royal Botanical Gardens! If you happen to travel through the Arboretum, this is a fine time to take in the exfoliating bark of Platanus occidentalis (Eastern Sycamore). You will find several of these large deciduous trees north of the main parking circle.

small pink flowers

Rock Garden

Single-flower blooms of Helleborus 'Coseh 710' sold as HGC PINK FROST (Lenten-Rose) are starting to open. Stop by the visitor centre to experience these shell-pink beauties with light yellow centres. Venture to the lower garden area for Hamamelis × intermedia 'Jelena’ (Witch Hazel) still in bloom! Spidery, fragrant flowers appear throughout as we await the coming foliage.

white delicate blooms

RBG Centre

Sweet fragrance continues to greet you in the Breezeway area at RBG Centre. Lime-green buds of Muscari 'Baby's Breath’ (Grape Hyacinth) is shifting to the icy clusters that mark these delightful blooms. Narcissus ‘Suzy’ (Daffodil) boasts multiple orange centred, yellow blossoms. Draw your attention to Astilbe chinensis ‘Mighty Chocolate Cherry’ and Astilbe arendsii ‘Ice Cream’ (Astilbe) with stunning bursts of pink to brighten up your day.

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Discover the captivating pink flowers of Canary Island Geranium canariense (Cranesbill) rising from deep green foliage as you enter the Mediterranean Garden. On the upper level, catch the elusive pale yellow bloom of Dietes bicolor (African Yellow Iris) from the Cape Province of South Africa.

white berries on bare bush

Hendrie Park

Adventurous visitors travelling through Kippax Garden in Hendrie Park this week find the astonishing white berries of Symphoricarpos albus (Snowberry) close to the left entrance. Once inside RBG Centre, you will find Philodendron selloum (Lacy Tree-Philodendron) with its large, drooping, lobed leaves and characteristic ‘eye-drop’ leaf scars displayed along its trunk.


Laking Garden

Please note Laking Garden is closed for the season, effective September 29. See you in the spring!

hop-like structures in red gloved hand

Nature Sanctuaries

In Hendrie Valley, see if you can spot the shaggy, stripy bark of the shagbark hickory. Close to the boardwalk, keep an eye out for the fruit of the Ironwood, which vaguely resembles hops. This is how it earned the common name: ‘hop hornbeam.’ The curious looking structures coming off the small american hazel shrubs are known as catkins. They are also found on birch and alder, see if you can spot some while walking through Cootes Paradise and Hendrie Valley.

Seasonal Bloom Times

Bloom time is often influenced by many natural events including temperature and climate. As these can vary from year to year bloom times are influenced by these factors. Below you will find ‘average’ bloom times for a number of RBG’s collections but please bear in mind that if we experience an early or late spring, bloom times could shift up to 10 days earlier or 10 days later.

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