Blooms by Garden Area

Check in to learn what you can see during your visit to Royal Botanical Gardens! Bloom information is updated weekly, posted before the weekend. Find more photos on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds!

Please note some blooms are very weather-dependant, and conditions may change quickly.

pink crabapple blooms


Enjoy the many trails and trees of the Arboretum! The arboretum is filled with trees of all sizes. Check out the synaptic shrub collection to learn about the wide variety of shrubs that can be grown in our area.

pink magnolia blooms just starting to open

Rock Garden

Rock Garden is filling with colour as the perennials soak up the sun! Enjoy these beautiful perennials as they come into bloom, along with carefully curated annual displays that demonstrate how you can "paint with colour" in your home garden!

small white blooms on green bush

RBG Centre

Oranges and whites fill the Mediterannean garden! Find beauties like the African Bushlily on the upper level, along with the fruits of the Wonder Lemon tree. You may be surprised by the spiky blooms of the Blood-lily (Scadoxus multiflorus).

grouping of three pink rose blooms

Hendrie Park

Though the peak rose season is over, the new Rose garden still has lots of colour thanks to companion plants, and repeat-bloomers like cultivar, 'Olivia Rose Austin.' Coneflowers and other pollinator-friendly species are bursting into colour in Kippax Garden, while Global Garden puts on a show demonstrating plant uses from around the world.


grouping of white, flat blooms

Laking Garden

The perennial borders at Laking Garden are full of colour! Don't miss the echinacea collection just alongside the perennials along the stairs that descend into the lower garden.

purple pickerelweed

Nature Sanctuaries

Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) or Bee Balm is a wildflower within the mint family. If you happen to come by some, take a moment to stop and smell its irregular purple flowers, as they have a strong spicy scent!

Pickerelweed (Pontederia cordata) is a native aquatic flower that can be found in Grindstone Marsh within RBG. Its Latin name "cordata" means "heart-shaped", which refers to the shape of its leaves.

Square-stemmed monkeyflower (Mimulus ringens) is an attractive wetland flower blooming in Grindstone Marsh.

Seasonal Bloom Times

Bloom time is often influenced by many natural events including temperature and climate. As these can vary from year to year bloom times are influenced by these factors. Below you will find ‘average’ bloom times for a number of RBG’s collections but please bear in mind that if we experience an early or late spring, bloom times could shift up to 10 days earlier or 10 days later.

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Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s Celebrate Ontario program is generously supporting Blooms at RBG.

Iris beds in Laking Garden

Gardens and Trails

The ever-changing seasons, blooms, and natural phenomenon make each visit a new experience. Explore and enjoy the many historical outdoor plant collections, the indoor Mediterranean Garden, and 27 km of nature trails. Learn More


Pink Garden Roses in full bloom

New Rose Garden

Hendrie Park's Rejuvenated Rose Garden re-opens to the public June 23. This innovative new garden will feature hardy roses and companion plants for a season full of colour. Learn More


children smelling Bird of Paradise Flowers

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