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Photo & Film Policies

  1. This policy does not apply to news media and public affairs coverage of Royal Botanical Gardens’ staff, events and activities. Production of such coverage is co-ordinated by the Communications Department.
  2. Requests to use Royal Botanical Gardens’ property for commercial filming and photography purposes are co-ordinated by the communications manager or designate.
  3. A location agreement must be signed before production can proceed. This contract is binding and is the only contractual agreement regarding filming accepted by Royal Botanical Gardens. Location scouts/managers, production crews and their representatives must ensure that all conditions of the location agreement are met satisfactorily before being granted permission to enter the property.
  4. A location fee, plus any additional labour, equipment and/or security costs, will be charged. The fee is to be delivered to Royal Botanical Gardens Centre, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington, prior to the commencement of photography or filming.
  5. Proof of a minimum two million dollars ($2 million) General Liability Insurance, naming Royal Botanical Gardens as an additional insured, must be delivered at least two (2) full business days (Monday to Friday) prior to the commencement of photography or filming.
  6. Royal Botanical Gardens reserves the right to review and approve in advance any script, storyboard or treatment for video/film or photographic activity on its property. Any materials or props being used also must be approved in advance.
  7. Participants are asked to respect the valuable and special nature of the plant material, wildlife and furnishings of Royal Botanical Gardens. Plants and/or their labels, as well as any other garden structures, cannot be moved without express permission of Royal Botanical Gardens.
  8. Participants must respect the environmental integrity of property and waterways owned by, or adjacent to, Royal Botanical Gardens. Royal Botanical Gardens reserves the right to restrict and/or regulate activity on land it owns, which it deems to be environmentally sensitive or environmentally significant.
  9. Garden areas will remain open to visitors during photography/film shoots, unless otherwise arranged in advance. Photographers and camera crews are requested to work around Royal Botanical Gardens’ visitors and to work co-operatively with Gardens’ staff. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the agreement with penalty.
  10. Royal Botanical Gardens requires a published photo/site credit and/or End Credit acknowledgement.
  11. A copy of the finished product (published photo or produced video) must be submitted to the communications manager when it becomes available.