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Growing a Mushroom Garden

Date & Time:

June 10, 2023, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm


RBG Centre (680 Plains Rd W)


Courses and Programs, Green Thumb


2+ Hours


Pre-Registration Required

Event Description

Are you thinking about creating your own mushroom bed in your yard, or under that tree where nothing grows? Hosted by fun-guy Kevin McAuslan, President of the Mycological Society of Toronto (, you’ll dig hands deep into the biology and basics of growing mushrooms to understand how they can be grown at home for fun and for health.

  • Fee: $68 + $1 service fee & HST (Members 10% off)
  • Registration Closes: June 5, 2023

We’ll cover the environmental benefits and practical knowledge to learn how to extend your garden both indoors and out by using it to amend your garden beds, you’ll discover easy low-cost and low-tech ways to recycle organic matter back into the soil and also grow delicious Vitamin D filled culinary mushrooms. These basic techniques require no special equipment or electricity and can all be done indoors and out using organic materials found at home. Let’s build healthy soil together!

Each participant will create a mushroom grow bag that will produce between 1 and 2 pounds of delicious and nutritious Almond Agaricus mushrooms (Agaricus blazei) whilst learning about the fascinating world of fungi!

In order to participant in this course you are expected to wear closed-toe footwear and/or boots when in the garden. Garden gloves optional.

Hands holding freshly harvested Chanterelle mushrooms

Instructor: Kevin McAuslan

Instructor Bio

Kevin McAuslan is the current (and former 2013 – 2017) President of the Mycological Society of Toronto and has been fascinated with fungi for many years. His area of interest is around cultivation of edible and medicinal mushrooms as well as the use of mushrooms in the garden and for novel uses such as mycoremediation of the environment. Kevin is the father of three wonderful kids and his partner Shelley who is incredibly patient and supportive of his hobbies and varied interests. Kevin has a BA in Honours Philosophy from Concordia University

  • Basket of foraged mushrooms
  • selection of edible mushrooms laid on a counter
  • group of freshly harvested mushrooms in the grass
  • Hands holding freshly harvested Chanterelle mushrooms

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