Types of Volunteer Opportunities

At RBG, you can choose the activities that fit your interests, skills and availability. While can’t guarantee you’ll always get your first choice, we’ll do our best to try!


Volunteer Gardeners work together and alongside staff to ensure our display gardens are at their best. It is a great opportunity to learn more about plants from staff and volunteer experts in a social environment. Volunteer gardeners leave every shift with clear evidence of the work they have accomplished and the impact they have had. Flexible hours available.

Natural Lands

Join our group of active volunteers who work with RBG staff on projects relating to the restoration of 2450 acres of nature sanctuaries containing environmentally sensitive habitats. Some of the many projects we work on include the removal of invasive species from the forest and planting wild rice and native plants in the marsh. There is a great deal of work to be done to preserve our natural world and volunteers in this area are on the front line making a difference.

Interpretive Programs

The RBG strives to help visitors increase their knowledge of and connection to the natural world. Interpretative volunteers are an important part of this team. They explain displays, highlight interesting features and provide hands on learning opportunities for visitors. Flexible scheduling available.

Trail Watchers

If you enjoy hiking RBG trails, passing though the Carolinian Forest, and would like to “do something” to ensure safe trails, then you should consider joining our team. As a Trail Watcher, you hike your chosen trails and report any potential safety issues to RBG’s Head of Natural Lands. Trail Watchers can hike with friends or family at their own convenience.

Information Desk

Volunteers at the Information Desk greet visitors and provide tips on how to maximize their visit at RBG. We answer questions and explain, with the use of maps, the geography of the Gardens and where to walk to enjoy the “best in bloom”. The desk is staffed 7 days a week, year round and exceptional customer service skills are required.

Gardening Information

Gardening Information is for the volunteer with significant gardening knowledge who enjoys meeting people and doing online research related to plants. It is an opportunity to learn more about plants and share your knowledge with others who either visit RBG Centre or contact us by email or phone.

Shop @ The Gardens

Visitors love to browse in RBG’s gift shop, Shop @ The Gardens. As a volunteer you could help with sales or display of merchandise. Shop @ The Gardens is open 7 days a week from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Special Events

Throughout the year volunteers are called upon to enhance the visitor’s experience at special events. We provide an exceptional level of customer service and help to ensure that events run smoothly. We help wedding guests find their way to the right ceremony, we steer parents and children towards fairies and elves during the Enchanted Weekend, in October we carve Jack O’ Lanterns for the Great Pumpkin Trail and as Christmas approaches, we watch over the magnificent model train display and help to provide magical details in Santa’s workshop. Flexible scheduling available.

Community Outreach

Outreach volunteers attend local community events and festivals to connect people with nature and provide information about the species around us. They sharing interesting facts with people of all ages and unite their passion for the environment and for people.

Children’s Gardening Programs

Royal Botanical Gardens is a leader in children’s gardening programs and we know we couldn’t provide the exceptional programming that we do if it wasn’t for the caring, leadership that our volunteers provide. If you enjoy working with children and want to ensure your love of nature gets passed to the next generation then this is the program for you! Evening or weekend availability is required.

Memorial Watchers

The members of our group keep a watchful eye on the health and condition of the over 400 memorial trees and benches which are dispersed throughout RBG. Each member is responsible for a specific group of memorials, and so gains familiarity with the health and wellbeing of each tree and bench. Monthly reports on any issues or concerns regarding the memorials are provided by the volunteers, which in turn permits RBG staff to address any problems we identify. Flexible scheduling available.

Office Volunteers

Volunteers work behind the scenes to help ensure that all aspects of the RBG run smoothly. Whether they’re providing invaluable research for a project or ensuring that new members to the RBG receive a warm welcome, we appreciate their organizational skills and attention to detail.

Tour Guides

Tour Guides enjoy conducting group tours of the beautiful gardens. You do not need to be a 'plant expert' in order to be Tour Guide. We offer training in the spring consisting of a one day indoor session along with guided tours of each garden by RBG staff. New Guides are able to shadow experienced guides or do tours with experienced guides until they feel comfortable to be on their own. Hours are flexible and tours are usually one or two hours in length.


Over the years, RBG has acquired an extensive collection of books and magazines related to all things horticultural. Library volunteers meet every Tuesday and/or Thursday morning to organize and preserve the collection.

Speaker Facilitators

Throughout the year, RBG provides many courses and workshops to the public on diverse subjects relating to gardening, nature, biodiversity, wellness and botanical arts. Join our group of volunteers who act as individual assistants to the presenters of these courses helping with set- up, attendance, safety and materials. All with the added bonus of knowledge gained by our volunteers from the different classes with which they assist!

Floral Design Workshop

The Floral Design Workshop is for the volunteer who has a creative side. We are a collegial group of volunteers interested in floral design who meet every Tuesday or Thursday morning in the Auxiliary Workshop at RBG Centre to produce quality arrangements that we sell at Shop @ The Gardens or create to enhance the visitor experience.

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