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School Programs: ECE & Kindergarten

Combining interactive hikes, sensory activities, and play-based learning, RBG’s ECE and Kindergarten programming provides positive experiences for the youngest students. Walking, hiking, and observing together, students develop a new appreciation for the natural world. Our programs give students the chance to develop as healthy, confident explorers of the outdoors!

  • Two-hour outdoor programs
  • Up to 30 students per group
  • 1 free adult per 4 students

Program Types

We offer programs that specialize in many different areas:

Early Years Exploration

Come outside and learn how to use your eagle-eyes, owl-ears and fox nose! Nature is full of new sights, sounds, smells, and textures, and this program encourages young learners to take it all in. This program emphasizes sensory activities and open explorations.

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All kinds of animals call RBG home, but how do they survive in nature? Through role-playing and guided exploration, students search for animals, their homes, and the signs they leave behind to learn more about their habitats and how animals interact with each other.

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Bright, noisy, and active, birds are a great introduction to nature. Discover more about their body parts, food, habitats, and behaviours as we head outside to spot some of RBG’s feathered inhabitants as they fly, feed, and flock.

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Exhibit and Holiday Programs

Check back for 2023 programming!

Self-Guided Exploration

Come explore the gardens or trails with your class. The Arboretum offers trails through the forest down to the shoreline of Cootes Paradise Marsh with great opportunities for bird watching.

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Come explore the gardens or trails with your class. Hendrie Park has beautiful flower beds, a Natural Playground, and a vegetable village for your students to explore.

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Come explore the Under the Canopy exhibit with your class.  Onsite interpretive staff will be able to answer questions and provide exhibit guidance.

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School Program Fees

RBG accepts cash, cheque, debit, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Invoicing is available upon request.