2017 / 2018 School Program Fees

Day Packages:

Half-day Program (2 hours) $8.50/student*
Half-day Special Program (2 hours) $9.50/student*
Half-day Program and Self-guided $12.00/student*
Half-day Special Program and Self-guided $13.00/student*
Full-day Programs (or 2 x Half-day Programs) $15.00/student*
Full-day Programs (Incl. a Special Program) $16.00/student*
Full-day Programs (Incl. two Special Programs) $18.00/student*
Self-guided $6.50/student*

*Minimum fees are based on 20 students

Special Programs (Half-day 2 hours):

  • Adventure Challenge Course
  • Fishway Demonstration
  • Initiatives and Low Ropes Challenges
  • Exhibit Programs
  • Getting to Know GPS
  • Wild Watercolour
  • Toddlers and Trains
  • Holiday Traditions

Canoe and Overnight Experiences

Overnight Program: 1 overnight, 3 programs $50/participant
Overnight Program: 2 overnights, 4 programs $65/participant
Canoe (half-day, 2 hours, maximum 24 students) $440
Canoe (full day, 4 hours, maximum 24 students) $660

Additional Program Add-Ons:

Custom program fee +$3.00/participant*
Firepit rental +$25.00/group**
(plus tax)
**Fee is in addition to applied day-package rate

Virtual Field Trips:

Click here for course listing $135.00/program


Booking Your Visit:

You can book online using the link below. For program and registration queries, please email edtour@rbg.ca or call 905-527-1158 x 276.

Register Online

Confirming Your Visit:

Your visit is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation email. Submit a booking request through the link above

Paying For Your Visit:

RBG accepts cash, cheque, debit, VISA, MasterCard, and American Express. Invoicing is available upon request.


***Listed rates may be subject to change without notice.

One free adult is allowed for every 4 Primary students, one free adult for every 5 students above the Primary level. Additional adults are charged the program fee. Ratio is 1:1 for preschool programs except Exhibit programs. Support workers are exempt from additional fees. Minimum fees for special needs groups based on 10 students.