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invasive species Posts

March Break Fun at RBG

March 1, 2024

Looking for things to do for March Break in Hamilton / Burlington? Even if the kids aren't already signed up for our March Break Camp, ...

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Botanical Monitoring with RBG: What can the plants tell us about the place?

February 28, 2024

By Kasia Zgurzynski, Botany Assistant , Royal Botanical Gardens Originally published on the Cootes to Escarpment EcoPark System Blog. To learn more about the EcoPark ...

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Tackling Invasive Species at Royal Botanical Gardens

November 2, 2023

By Joanne Hamilton, Eco-corridors Wildlife Technician, Royal Botanical Gardens A walk in the forest at Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) showcases more than just ‘nature’. If ...

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Monitoring an Invasive Species: Spotted Lanternfly

July 19, 2023

By Abbie McHardy, Student Entomologist, Royal Botanical Gardens Be on the lookout for the spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula), or ‘SLF’! This insect is native to ...

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Giant Hogweed? It may be a look alike!

June 24, 2022

By Tys Theysmeyer, Head of Natural Areas, Royal Botanical Gardens The Invasive ornamental plant Giant Hogweed has several look-alike species flowering at similar times creating identification confusion.  ...

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