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Supporting RBG During COVID-19

February 22, 2021

Without plants, human beings wouldn’t exist.

You and your loved ones rely on plants for food and the air we breathe. Plants power many aspects of our economy and define and sustain our planet’s ecosystems and habitats. Beyond these undeniable practical benefits for life, plants accomplish something more. They bring meaning and inspiration to life.

By supporting Royal Botanical Gardens, you ensure that Canada’s largest botanical garden remains an essential place to help people connect and care for plants and nature.

Will you help support our mission today?

For over eight decades, the RBG community has helped us restore and preserve wetlands, forests and prairie ecosystems. You have been part of our sustainable gardens helping us protect rare plant collections while teaching our children and youth to care for the earth. The community has drawn inspiration and strength from our collective vision for the future: a healthy environment where humans, plants and the rest of nature thrive in balance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has uprooted our lives and our economy. Like everyone else, Royal Botanical Gardens has had to close its doors to keep our community, as well as our staff and volunteers safe. In addition to significant lost revenues that power our charitable work, RBG has also lost valuable research, habitat restoration and aquatic planting time.

  • Girl planting in veggie garden
  • hands holding three baby turtles ready to release
  • Rose garden in full bloom with visitors strolling along reflecting pond
  • evaluating pink rose

We have all lost something precious and sustaining during this difficult time – access to RBG trails, gardens and natural landscapes.

Research continues to demonstrate that people tend to be healthier, happier, more productive and even more engaged in their community when nature is a meaningful part of our lives.

We know the future remains uncertain. As we move forward, we are adapting, learning, and sowing seeds to ensure RBG continues to be an educational support for our community and beyond.

RBG at Home

In response to the COVID emergency, we developed RBG at Home, a free online nature education platform that reaches families isolated in their homes and supports educators as they teach online.

RBG at Home has been met with a great response from the community:

Grid of At Home Videos on Youtube

“I just wanted to thank you for an intelligent, engaging presentation this afternoon. My son enjoyed it immensely. We have been members of RBG for the last five years, and as always, the quality of programming is fantastic. Thank you for coming up with new ways to engage our kids during this challenging time! We can’t wait for the next one!”

We are also exploring ways to help our communities learn about and build resiliency to climate change. One example is the development of a new garden exhibit. This exhibit will showcase the growth and health of food-related plants under different climate conditions, to help people connect to how climate change effects our lives and how our actions impact the environment.

Can I count on your generosity? Will you consider a gift today?

RBG counts on supporters like you to make all this of work possible. We simply don’t have the resources to do it alone – and I know that as a nature lover, you’ll be by our side.

Just as all life needs plants, your donation is needed to help RBG recover, adapt and support our communities into the future. I hope you can help us today.

Thank you so much for your support.

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