Friday, March 10

Myths and Truths about Clematis

7 p.m.; RBG Centre

Explore the myths — and learn the truths — about the genus Clematis, including pruning, planting, and some of the age-old conundrums such as “feet in the shade and head in the sun.” Deborah Hardwick provides a visually rich program with details about the culture of Clematis in the garden that helps establish plants quickly and increase results with floral display, re-blooming, companion planting, and growing Clematis for cut-flower arrangements. Deborah is an avid clematarian and her garden contains a collection of over 1,300 registered and species Clematis in addition to her nursery with hundreds of proprietary hybrids.

Fee: Non Member: $18; Member: $6

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Thursday, March 16

Patrick Colgan Lecture: Climate Change and the Glaciers of Greenland -

7 to 8:30 p.m.; RBG Centre

Climate change is a critical challenge for science and society. Current research in the arctic is demonstrating the effects of climate change, and helping scientists to predict changes such as sea level rise. Join Dr. William Colgan, assistant professor at York University, as he describes his research on the Greenland ice sheet, its influences on global sea level, and emerging evidence that the response of the ice sheet to climate change may not be linear. Dr. Colgan intertwines his scientific findings with stunning photographs from his recent international expedition to the ice sheet in 2016.


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Thursday, September 21 - Member Exclusive Event

Conserving Canada’s Birds

7 to 8:30 p.m.; RBG Centre

In Ontario, the interest and observation of birds is very high and results have shown concerns for many species with settlement patterns due to land use activities. Join Jody Allair, Bird Studies Canada biologist and science educator, for a presentation on Canada’s birds and the threats to their conservation. Resources are scarce so strategic partnering has developed promising initiatives. Jody outlines these action plans and discusses ways we can make a difference for the birds. For members and their guests only, RSVP today.