Roy Diblik closeup

Roy Diblik

Friday March 2

Perennial Plant Communities; "The Know Maintenance Approach"

7 to 8:30 p.m.; RBG Centre

Roy Diblik’s thoughtful way to design perennial plantings welcomes fresh contemporary styles and plant diversity integrated with responsible maintenance concerns. By using a selection of regionally dependable perennials and native plants, endless natural plant patterns can be constructed, each relating to time and cost to maintain. Roy discusses the developing partnership between the gardener, plants and nature, always knowing that the beauty is in the doing.


Fee: $18 (Members $6)

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Friday March 2

Perennial Design to Simulate Nature

8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.; RBG Centre

Join Roy Diblik for an evaluational morning of dynamic garden design using regionally reliable perennials along with native plants to simulate natural settings. Incorporate the concepts of scale-appropriate designs with an understanding of colour, bloom periods and texture combinations to create aesthetic results and help delineate the garden.


Fee: $100 (Members 10% off)

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Niki Jabbour closeup

Niki Jabbour

Friday May 4

Veggie Garden Remix

7 p.m.; RBG Centre

238 new plants to shake up your garden and add variety, flavour and fun.


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