RBG Speaker Series

We are excited to bring you a selection of lecture and workshop sessions with experts from across North America, speaking on topics such as gardening, wildlife, conservation, and more! Check back frequetly for updates.

Niki Jabbour closeup

Niki Jabbour

Friday May 4

Veggie Garden Remix

7 p.m.; RBG Centre

Expanding beyond standard garden crops like tomatoes, spinach, and string beans can be intimidating for some vegetable gardeners. Join bestselling author, Niki Jabbour, to shake up your garden and discover unexpected flavours and textures in husk cherries, amaranth greens and yard-long beans (to name a few). Niki outlines dozens of plants for you to consider for your garden.


Fee: $18 (Members $6)

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Roy Diblik closeup

Roy Diblik

Friday March 2

Perennial Plant Communities; "The Know Maintenance Approach"

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this session!

Click here to download the plant list Roy referenced in his talk on Friday.