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Princess Point Restoration Project

November 9, 2020

We are undertaking an ambitious restoration and preservation project, so Princess Point remains the natural retreat you value.  

Over the past few months, a record number of visitors have flocked to Princess Point to stroll the trails and to bask in a view across the water to the Niagara Escarpment. But Princess Point is hurting. Unfortunately, the desire to seek refuge and restoration is destroying the fragile ecosystem of Princess Point. 

Will you help support our mission today?

With your support, we will build a new, accessible observation platform and replant native species to protect and restore this fragile environment. The new platform combined with trail upgrades will allow visitors to appreciate one of the top five lookouts in Cootes Paradise without trampling plants and eroding the shoreline. 

Please don’t delay in making your important gift to the Royal Botanical Gardens. We need your help to protect Princess Point for generations to come! 

Your name as a caring protector of Princess Point will be added to a plaque with your gift of $250 or more towards building the observation platform.