Frogs – A Chorus of Colours

Frogs – A Chorus of Colours introduces visitors to the amazing and colorful world of frogs. These amphibians are among the most visually stunning, vocally pleasing, and adaptively remarkable life forms on earth. If you’ve never thought of frogs as beautiful, this exhibition will change your mind!

Frogs: A Chorus of Colours is produced by Peeling Productions.

The Frog Pond

With leaping frogs to slithering snakes, wetlands are home to a wide diversity of plants and animals. Hop on over to The Frog Pond to meet some of the wetland species found at Royal Botanical Garden and discover their important roles in sustaining a healthy environment.

The Frog Pond is produced by Royal Botanical Gardens.

showing toad to crowd using a screen and camera stand

Discovery @ RBG

Visit our Daily Events page and check our Visitor Guide for a schedule of interactive Discovery Shows, puppet presentations, cool games, and more. Check back for special programs offered weekends and holidays (including PA Days). Read more

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Journée bilingues / Bilingual Days

3 février, 3 mars, 9 mars, 7 avril
February 3, March 3, March 9, April 7

Les Jardins botaniques royaux vous offre des programmes éducatifs bilingues pendant les premiers samedis de février, mars, et avril et aussi vendredi, le 9 mars.

RBG will be offering French/English bilingual educational programs on the first Saturday of February, March, and April as well as Friday, March 9.

frogs wearing party hats

Pyjama Party!

February 2, March 2, and April 6

Grab your P.J.s and your favourite amphibian plushie! Frogs! will be open late, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., on three Friday evenings. Join us for activities, games, and, of course, everyone's favourite amphibians, all included in your general admission or RBG membership. Read more