Outdoor music at RBG – all summer long.

Jazz, Blues, Country & Roots @ Garden Music Nights

Warm summer evenings. Just the thought of them invokes fond memories and smiles. Even in the late spring and early parts of the summer season, we look forward to the fun and freedom of foregoing the jackets and enjoying some extra time outside. Yes, these are those precious moments that summer has to offer. But, as we all know, in our neck of the woods, you have to seize them before they fade.

pink saucer magnolias blooming

In RBG's Hendrie Park, these evenings have been made even more relaxing and memorable. Just imagine winding a hot summer day down like this. As the sun begins to set, the gardens are at their colourful best. The summer twilight brings shadows and shades that can make the blooms appear even more brilliant than during the daytime. These specatular visuals, amid the cool relieving breeze, are complemented by the sweet sounds of music. Garden Music Nights – which are included in your RBG admission or membership pass – offer such a wonderful way to experience the evening atmosphere. After a stroll through the Rose Garden, or, perhaps, the Lily Collection, you take your seat in front of the Hendrie Park Stage with a glass of wine in hand. Award-winning jazz musicians take the stage - the air fills with catchy rhythms that make subtle sways impossible to resist.

pink saucer magnolias blooming

And, if all the strolling and swaying has worked up a hunger, you can indulge in some fantastic barbecue delights. The chefs from the Greenhouse Café have a rotating menu with featured selections for you to choose. From Chicken Sovlaki to Flaked Salmon Taco or even a Beyond Meat Burger, the assortment offers a little something for everyone. Draft beer, ciders, and soft drinks fill the drink menu with a range that everyone can enjoy.

For a midweek, summer evening, it doesn’t get better than this. Whether you’re with a few friends, enjoying a date-night with your special someone, or spending some quality time with the kids, these are the relaxing, picturesque moments that summers are remembered by.

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Garden Music Nights run Wednesday and Thursday evenings in the months of July and August. See the lineups and get your tickets at rbg.ca/musicnights.

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