We dedicate our expertise in horticulture, conservation, science and education to connect people, plants and place for the purpose of nurturing and preserving healthy growing life on our planet.


A world in which everyone is awake to the beauty, diversity and necessity of plants, and from that consciousness more actively works together to protect and preserve plant species and habitats and, by extension, our planet.

About Us

Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) is the largest botanical garden in Canada, a National Historic Site, and registered charitable organization with a mandate to bring together people, plants and nature.

Charitable donations help us to:

  • Protect and restore 2450 acres of nature sanctuaries containing environmentally sensitive habitats, where approx. 50 listed species- at-risk have made their home;
  • Teach the public and educate school children about the importance of plants and nature, and how to be environmental stewards in their community;
  • Create display gardens which beautify our region landscape and teach people how to transfer best practices into their own backyard;
  • Host events that celebrate our landscape and highlight our conservation activities (Fishway demonstrations, nature sanctuary guided tours, children's winter exhibits); and
  • Engage in research projects and networks to pursue environmental sustainability;

Did you know that RBG?

  • Leads a province-wide "Back to Nature" Network to help kids reconnect with the outdoors;
  • Manages one of the largest freshwater marshland restoration projects of its kind in North America;
  • Since 2006, has been appointed Canada's 'National Focal Point for the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation (GSPC), part of the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity;

These and other leadership initiatives could not be undertaken without the support of our members, donors and volunteers.

Master Plan

Royal Botanical Gardens plays a vital role in your community providing environmental and economic benefits, ensuring green spaces and nurturing change that builds healthy, vibrant lives.

We are now embarking on a ground-breaking 25-year master plan that will position RBG as Canada’s leading environmental centre with world-class gardens, natural areas, programs, services and facilities that powerfully influence positive change in the way people interact with our planet.

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