Artist: Karl Unnasch
From: Minnesota, USA
Date: 2016

Karl Unnasch focuses primarily on creating public and architectural art, incorporating stained glass and sculpture into his work. Nestled close to his farmstead roots in Southeastern Minnesota, he finds nostalgic respite in giving aesthetic kudos to overlooked objects and concepts inherently personal to his rural experiences. His smaller-scale work has been exhibited as far as Europe and acclaimed in publications as esteemed as the New York Times and Art in London Magazine. His larger-scale, award-winning public art has been featured on prominent national and even international media including NBC’s ‘Today’ show and Voice of America.

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Artist: Lisbet Fernandez Ramos
From: Canary Islands, Spain
Date: 2016

Lisbet Fernández Ramos was born in Camagüey, Cuba in 1974. She now lives and works in Canary Islands, Spain. Lisbet trained at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts and The Professional School of the Arts in Cuba with a specialty in sculpture. She has participated in national and international exhibition in Spain, Cuba, Germany and Mexico. Jardin is her first work in Canada.

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The Scope of Change

Artist: Barbara Amos
From: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Date: 2014

Barbara Amos’ work involves a variety of materials including paint, steel, textiles, video and photography. Her works encourage questions and conversation about our role in the world and the changes that will make it a better place. Fragmentation is a recurring theme in her artworks, as well as environmental and cultural issues which have been the current focus.

Amos’ drawing and painting skills have culminated in a 20-year exhibition record across North America and she has completed public art commissions in Calgary and Edmonton. Her work has been shown at Art Toronto (Toronto International Art Fair) and can be found in many collections such as Fairmont Hotels, Deloitte, RBC Dominion Securities, Esso Resources, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, and the US Library of Congress.

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Artist: Edwin and Veronica Dam de Nogales
From: Highgate, Ontario, Canada and Montornes del Valles, Barcelona, Spain
Date: 2014 (part 1); 2015 (parts 2 and 3)

Veronica de Nogales Leprevost, born in Barcelona, Spain in 1970, and Edwin Timothy Dam, born in Hamilton, Ontario in the same year, did not meet until an exhibition in 1997 with the Generalitat de Barcelona. Their works draw on an intense curiosity for nature, for life and for sculpting the relation of man within it. Veronica draws from a passion for dance and music, and Edwin draws from a passion for architecture and poetry. The result has been a unique fusion of styles based on a singular aesthetic vision. Their unique style has resulted in over 25 public sculptures, monuments and urban designs in North America and Europe over the last decade. All works are co-signed under the unified name Dam de Nogales.

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Artist: Dave Hind
From: Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Date: 2014

Dave Hind is an artist, musician and metalworker of functional objects. He was born in Hamilton and now lives in Brantford Ontario. His artistic practice is grounded in the reclamation of materials. The interaction of the industrial and natural recur in the materials, processes, and images that he uses and explores.

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Artist: Catherine Lavelle, designed in collaboration with Douglas Senft
From: Courtenay, British Columbia
Date: Design 2010; Fabrication 2014

Catherine Lavelle lives and works in Courtenay BC. Her career and life experiences include management and facilitation of group learning as well as teaching physical disciplines. Her lifelong interest in the arts led her to study at Simon Fraser University and Emily Carr University in the 1980s, completing her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University in 2011. She started working collaboratively with Douglas Senft in 2008 on public art projects and studio work.

Douglas Senft (1950–2012) practiced sculpture since 1972, when he graduated with honours from the Vancouver School of Art. He has had numerous public commissions in Canada, the United States and Europe, as well as exhibiting his work in both public and private galleries. He is the recipient of several Canada Council grants, and his work is found in many private and public collections.

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On the Wings of Love

Artist: Bob and Jo Wilfong
From: Clarkston, Washington, USA
Date: 2014

Bob Wilfong is a self-taught artist, using his education in biology and anatomy to inform his sculptures. Bob began his sculpting career in 1993, when he couldn’t find a bronze penguin for his wife Jo Wilfong’s collection and began sculpting wildlife. In 1998, Bob moved on to creating contemporary figurative and abstract designs. Bob and Jo Wilfong work collaboratively, with Bob sculpting and Jo managing graphic design, photography, and administration.

Bob Wilfong has created 40 traditional, 120 contemporary and 25 monumental designs. His bronzes are in 48 states and in 7 foreign countries. In addition, there have been 96 corporate, public and private monument placements in the United States, Australia, and Mexico.

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Rejoicing Family

Artist: Taurai Mutigwa
From: Nyanga, Zimbabwe, Africa
Date: 2013

Taurai Mutigwa was born in 1973 in Nyanga Nyatate Village, Zimbabwe and started sculpting in 1994. Mentored for two years by the great Nyanga artist, Agripa Ndongwe, his sculptures are now found in many galleries around the world.

Mutigwa is a member of ZimSculpt, a non-political company based in Harare, Zimbabwe that represents over 100 sculptors from across the country. Mining the richness of Zimbabwe’s geology, ZimSculpt artists create powerful works of art depicting stories of the natural world and the culture and traditions of their homeland. By holding exhibitions around the world, ZimSculpt promotes the work of some of the finest contemporary Zimbabwean sculptors.

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(H)our Glass

Artist: Ted Fullerton
From: Tottenham, Ontario
Date: 2017

Ted Fullerton was born in Ottawa in 1953. He works in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture and has achieved awards in all four media. As a figurative artist his work is symbolic in nature. The conceptual foundation and ideology within his artistic practice is humanist emphasizing the notion of belief, purpose and relationships: being and becoming. His work is exhibited nationally and internationally and is represented in numerous private and public collections.

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