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Schoolyard Programs

Nature in Your Schoolyard 

RBG brings its inquiry-based and experiential programs to your schoolyard.  These STEAM based programs aim to inspire curiosity, discovery, and connection using active exploration and activities to engage in a way that enables students to ask questions and follow their curiosity.

2021 – 2022 Schoolyard Programs 

  • Programs are up to 1.5hrs in length
  • RBG educators will adhere to all health and safety policies and procedures required by the school
  • We will work with educators to customize programs in order to fit class schedules, learning levels and schoolyard environments


  • Halton and Hamilton groups: $10 per student;
  • Outside of Halton and Hamilton: $12 per student

RBG reserves the right to decline Schoolyard Programs if location is deemed to great of a distance from RBG.

Amazing Animals Around Us  

Our world is full of animals of all shapes and sizes. Through role-play, games, and activities, students will learn about some animals local to their community and what makes them unique.  

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Animal Needs and Adaptations  

Whether large or very small, all living things need the same five things to survive and thrive. Students will uncover these keys to life as they explore their schoolyard and learn about the special adaptations that local animals use to survive.  

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Soil, Seeds, and Plants  

Life on Earth cannot exist without plants, or the things plants need in order to survive. Students will explore the unique characteristics of the plants we count on for food, shade and more, and will discover the important connection that plants have to the soil they inhabit.

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Habitats in your Community  

All living organisms depend on each other for their survival. Students will explore habitats and communities in their schoolyard and what it means to be part of a natural community.  

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The Human Body and the Environment  

Our health and the health of the world around us is closely connected. In this program, students will get active to learn about human organ systems and how our bodies relate to the plants and animals around us.  

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Biodiversity in the School Yard  

Humans are a part of the natural world. Through activities and open exploration, students will learn about the importance of biodiversity and assess the biodiversity of their schoolyard. 

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Environmental Interactions and Relationships  

Humans can have a positive or negative interaction in the environment. Through engaging activities, discussions, and exploration, students will learn how nature is connected and how humans depend on the environment.

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Wonderful Winter  

Winter is a wonderful time to get outside! In this engaging program, students will learn about some of the ways the plants and animals survive winter, while having fun outdoors during this chilly time of the year.

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