Children’s Gardening at RBG

Growing the Next Generation of Green Thumbs!

2017 marks an important milestone for Canada and Ontario, but also for RBG's Education department and children's gardening programs. Former RBG directors N.W. Radforth and Dr. Leslie Laking began planning the Children's Garden project in August 1946 after an inspiring visit to Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. In the spring of 1947, Junior Gardener's Club was born!

This 70th year of children's gardening at RBG marks a resurgence of interest in getting kids involved in gardening. We're expanding to give our young gardeners more of the space they need to get their hands dirty. The Green Thumb has new raised beds for our youngest gardeners, Cockleshells and Silverbells, for 3- to 5-year olds with their parents/caregivers. Junior Gardener's Club participants (8- to 12-year olds) will have new raised beds as well, and a brand new space to expand into - The Learning Gardens.

Take a moment this gardening season to stop by the children's gardens of The Green Thumb Club and The Learning Gardens, check out what we're growing and read some of the amazing stories our children gardeners are telling. Or better yet, cultivate your little one's love of nature and gardening by getting them involved. It's a truly rewarding experience for children to grow, nurture and tend to a garden of their very own.

We look forward to sharing many garden adventures with your budding green thumbs. Sign up today!


RBG is proud to partner with Gro-Bark, and we thank them for supplying soil for our new raised beds!