Fishway Project

Join us in restoring Cootes Paradise!



closeup of child smelling flower

Do you remember your favourite place in nature as a child? Maybe it was the local park, a secret trail, or even your own backyard. Or maybe it was Cootes Paradise right here at the Royal Botanical Gardens.

But Cootes Paradise is in danger, and today we need your support to ensure it remains clean, beautiful and accessible to everyone in our community.

This year’s floods were devastating. The lake rose to an all-time high, the levels climbing above The Fishway’s carp barriers, disrupting the delicate balance of this recovering ecosystem. Invasive carp got into the marsh, and much of the recovered plant life were either damaged or destroyed by floodwater and debris. It will take months of hard work to get things back to the way they were, reigniting the journey of environmental recovery.

This Holiday season, we need your help to make sure we’re prepared when this type of flooding happens again. We need to adapt to this new climate regime and make the Fishway taller, fix the service road, and move the electrical system so that it stays above water.


Can we count on you now to make your critical donation and become a hero for Cootes Paradise?