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COVID-19 Closures: Royal Botanical Gardens temporarily closed as of Dec 26. Trails remain open.

RBG at Home Virtual Learning Live!


Date & Time:

Tuesdays, Jan 12 to Feb 23; 1 to 1:30 p.m.




Family-Friendly, Online


30 to 60 minutes


Pre-Registration Required, Free

Event Description

Gather the family to join us Tuesday afternoons for a live 30 minute session with our interpreters, learning about and connecting to the natural world around us. Whether it’s learning how animals stay warm in winter, how seeds travel from place to place, or creating natural art outdoors, your family will have the opportunity to ask questions live with our nature experts in this interactive learning experience – free to all with natural curiosity.

Free to attend, pre-registration required. Donations accepted at time of registration, or support us any time with a donation to our COVID sustainability fund.

Registration for each program closes the Friday prior at 2 p.m.

What you need: Participants will require a computer, laptop, tablet, iPad or even a phone if that is what is available to you. Any of these devices will work just fine.  For the best experience (minimal audio lag and good video), you should be hardwired, but that isn’t always possible. If you are using WiFi, it sometimes helps to have the other household devices offline/ airplane mode.

Are you a teacher looking for virtual programming for your classroom? These sessions are reserved for individual families, but instead please check out our Virtual Field Trip options!

Schedule and Topics

January Learning

January 12: Chatting with Chickadees. Join our nature experts as we learn about one of the most recognizable winter birds – the chickadee! Learn where to find them, how they stay warm, and even how to speak their language.

January 19: Amazing Evergreens. What makes an evergreen an evergreen? How do they stay green all winter when other plants don’t? Join us to find the answer to these questions and more!

January 26: Herptiles in the Winter. Learn how reptiles and amphibians survive as the outdoor temperatures drop. Do they grow a winter coat? Hibernate? Find a heat source? Tune in this Tuesday and find out!

February Learning

February 2: Winter Campfire. Gather the family for some expert tips on building a winter campfire, then hear some of our favourite campfire stories as we warm ourselves by the flames of this classic campfire experience.

February 9: Animal Families. Animals have families just like you do! From animals that have just a few young a year and care for them closely, to animals that let other animals take care of their babies, learn all about the different animal families out there!

February 16: Arctic Winter Games. Have you ever completed a one-foot high kick? What about a kneel jump? Join us to learn about this circumpolar event for northern and arctic athletes. We will teach you some of our favourite sports from the competition, and how you can try them out at home!

February 23: Gifts Given Treely. Trees give us many gifts – from syrup to chagga, tea to taffy, gather the family to learn about the gifts trees give us.

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