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Symbolically Adopt a Blanding’s Turtle

This is Miikawaadizi (an Ojibwe word for “she is beautiful, or she is clever”), we call her Miika for short. Miika is a Blanding’s Turtle, which are native to this area. The sad news is Blanding’s Turtles are in danger of disappearing forever at RBG.

Before RBG rescued Miika by providing her a safe place to live, she was almost killed by a boat. Today, she still has a scar on her shell from the boat’s propeller.

The places where turtles like to live are being destroyed, polluted, and broken up by things like roads and building projects. The plants they need for a safe place to live are being pushed out by invasive species, and human activity.

Symbolically adopt a turtle today and ensure RBG’s Blanding’s Turtles have a chance to survive. 

Please make your gift today to symbolically adopt a turtle like Miika! RBG’s turtles are depending on your kindness.

Adoption Levels:

Turtle Hero Certificate and reusable straw

Donations $250+ will receive a branded RBG Turtle Hero reusable straw*, certificate, thank you letter & tax receipt.
*Turtle Hero straws will be sent out in January 2022.


Donations $50+ will receive an official RBG Turtle Hero Certificate, thank you letter and tax receipt.

All donations over $20 will receive a thank you letter & tax receipt.

Your generous donation will support RBG’s conservations efforts and help reduce the threats to our Blanding’s Turtles survival. You can help ensure turtle populations are restored to sustainable levels, which is so important for preserving the biodiversity of our local environment.

We’ve been working so hard to make Cootes Paradise, Blackbird Marsh, and Hendrie Valley safe for the turtles that live on our lands. Simple things like fences that protect turtles from the road, or creating safe nesting areas, make such a big difference.

But we need your help to keep doing this hard work. 


Supporting RBG helps in so many ways, like:

  • making new nesting habitats
  • building fencing so turtles aren’t killed by cars
  • helping protect nests and eggs from predators
  • removing invasive species and helping restore native marsh plants
  • teaching people who live near us about safe driving, turtle-friendly fishing, and the impacts of littering
two Blanding’s Turtle hatchlings
Sarah Richer with Blanding's Turtle Hatchling
Blandings turtle basking on a sunken branch with other painted turtles
Blandings turtle on shorline reflected in water
Blandings Turtle
blandings turtle nesting in some mulch

Turtle Conservation at RBG

With a variety of habitat adjacent to these extensive wetlands, it’s no surprise that RBG is home to four native turtle species. Through our wetland restoration efforts and the Site–Specific Recovery Plan, RBG works to protect and restore habitat for turtles and all wildlife across our 2,400 acres of protected nature lands. 


Contact Us

If you have questions about RBG’s Symbolic Adoption programs, please send us an email at the form below, or give us a call at 905-527-1158 ext 229 (1-800-694-4769).