The Scenic Scents of Spring

Ask anyone in these parts to describe winter and, without a doubt, you’ll hear one common descriptor: long. Sure, we may not have the bitter, harsh conditions that many fellow Canadians in northern climes have to live with, but it’s a season that sure overstays its welcome. But, the wait is over. After months indoors, finally, it’s time to enjoy the sights, scents and sounds of spring.

cherry trees in full bloom

Getting outdoors with the family

As families look for activities to reconnect with nature, nature sure has something remarkable in store. The switch has been flipped. What was once grey and solemn is now bright, bloom-filled, and vibrant. The Cherry Blossoms are the early arrivals to the springtime party. These beautiful light-pink blooms have been the stars of social media for the past few weeks. These are always a popular draw here at RBG and can be found at the Arboretum and historic Rock Garden. Visually breathtaking and a sure sign that spring has finally sprung.

The fresh, fragrance of spring

The scents of spring are invigorating. A stroll along the spongy lawns and rolling hills of the Arboretum reveals more than just picturesque sights. With each breath comes the rousing fragrance of the gardens’ blooms. While you walk among The sweet, citrusy scent of the Magnolias provide a pleasant and relaxing greeting.

pink saucer magnolias blooming

The Arboretum boasts numerous, large and old-growth Magnolia trees. There’s nothing quite like a warm, breezy spring day when these are in full bloom. The big white blooms brighten the landscape – incredible on a day with a clear-blue sky providing the backdrop. For moms and dads, a walk among the trees is such a refreshing escape. And for the kids, it’s the perfect place to run around and play – and, of course, get within a nose’s reach of the big blooms. You can also find Magnolias in a visit to Rock Garden.

lilac dell in full bloom

An outdoor adventure in the spring wouldn’t be complete without your nose detecting the Lilacs. Whether you’re emerging from our trails or walking in from the parking lot, you’ll likely smell these before you see them. Much like the Magnolias, the fragrance of Lilac is something everyone associates with spring. It’s a scent that delivers an immediate smile. There really is nothing like immersing yourself in the freshness of a valley of Lilacs. Best of all, the Arboretum’s Lilac Dell provides colourful, fragrant blooms for weeks. It’s a sensory experience that would be tough to find in any other Ontario park. And, naturally, hosted here is the Lilac Celebration– occurring in the late-stages of May – is a visit that can’t be missed. This is a definite highlight that offers RBG guests with an amazing display of spring.

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