3 Great Reasons to Bring the Kids to RBG

“You can learn a lot of things about the flowers, for especially in the month of June.” --From the song “All in the Golden Afternoon”, Alice in Wonderland (1951).

This lyric holds very true these days at RBG. And there are plenty of “Golden Afternoons” ahead this spring and summer. Just like the movie and the song, spending a nice afternoon among the flowers is something that’s loved by the little ones and the older ones alike. If you’re a parent, or a grandparent, this really is a fulfilling activity to do with the kids.

So, if you’re looking for fun, enriching activities to do with your own young ones or your grandchildren; a walk through our gardens has a little something for everyone.

Here are 3 ways to help you and the kids get the most out of your RBG outdoor adventures.

A walk through the Iris and Peony Collection of the Laking Garden

Described as a “mesmerizing rainbow of colour with over 1,000 types of iris”, this collection is visually breathtaking. It’s the oldest collection of flowers at RBG; with the first being planted in 1947. The award-winning bearded irises are particularly colourful; with various depths and shades that evolve throughout June and July.

cherry trees in full bloom

Not far from the Irises are the Peonies. This is another one of RBG’s signature collections; it, too, dates back to the mid-1940s. Here, you can discover the big, bold, blooms – a vibrant sign spring is in full swing. The history and diversity of this collection makes it one of the most unique in North America.

You’ll enjoy soaking up the visually-pleasing setting and the history, while the kids are free to wander and discover in their own fashion. Just watching them actively seek out the garden’s attractions – while calling you to “come check this out!” – is well worth making the trip.

A visit to the Rose Garden

Roses are universally admired and embraced by everyone. For good reason, too. Their blooms offer a beauty that’s almost magical – frequently used to set a scene of comfort and luxury.

pink saucer magnolias blooming

And who doesn’t want to stop and smell the roses? As you and the kids meander through the nicely shaped paths of the Rose Garden, watch and see how much they love experiencing the fragrance of various blooms. One bloom that’s worth checking out is called The Canadian Shield. This hearty rose is low-maintenance and disease resistant – with the ability to stand up to some of the harshest winters our country can throw at it.

Summer Camps at RBG

Heading into June always gets the kids excited. The end of school is on the horizon. And, after a few outdoor walks through the gardens, it’d be hard to blame them for wanting to spend even more time there. RBG’s summer camps give kids lots of outdoor enrichment over the summer holidays. And, there are plenty of camps to choose from – varying by age groups and activities. These are great opportunities to nurture their enthusiasm for the outdoors. Plus, it helps instill in them a heightened respect for the ecology of our region and the environment.

lilac dell in full bloom

To spend some golden afternoons in discovering the Irises, Peonies and Roses, you can buy single-day tickets and single passes here: rbg.ca/visitus. To learn more about summer Discovery camps for the kids, please visit: rbg.ca/camps.