Ice Age Mammals
Marvel at the mega-sized mammals of the real Ice Age. Discover how dramatic environmental changes shaped Canada’s landscape over the past four million years. Explore how palaeontologists uncover the mysteries of our frozen past.
Ice Age Mammals was produced by Canadian Museum of Nature in partnership with the Montreal Science Centre, the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre and the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology.

After the Thaw
Did you know that mammoths, mastodons, and bear-sized beavers were once part of the local ecosystem? What happened to them? Discover how today’s landscape evolved during and after The Great Thaw.
After the Thaw was produced by Royal Botanical Gardens.

Discovery @ RBG
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Ice Age Mammals and After the Thaw are French/English bilingual exhibits.
Les expositions Mammifères venus du froid et Après le gel sont bilingues.

Journée bilingues/Bilingual Days
4 février, 4 mars, 10 mars, 1 avril
February 4, March 4, March 10, April 1

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RBG will be offering French/English bilingual educational programs on the first Saturday of February, March, and April as well as Friday, March 10.