Royal Botanical Gardens is proud to celebrate Canada and Ontario’s 150th  with year-long celebrations showcasing the diversity of our beautiful province and RBG’s unique landscapes. Experience a year full of music and entertainment, cuisine, art, horticultural displays and exhibitions. Join us in marking this exceptional year!

Arts, Culture and Cuisine
Exhibitions, Education and Special Events
  • The Big Freeze, January 21–April 17
  • RBG Speakers Series, March to December
  • Adventure Challenge Course, April 24 to 28
  • Nature Connects, sculpture made from LEGO bricks, May 20 to August 20
  • Canadian Citizenship Ceremony, June 29
  • Royal Quest, July 8 and 9
  • Enchanted Garden Weekend, August 5 to 7
  • Local Railway Heritage Display, November and December
  • Holiday Traditions/Botanical Train Show, November 18 to December 31
  • Holiday Light Show, November and December
Nature and Horticulture
  • Plant Faire, April 29
  • Blooms Celebrations, Weekends, May to August
  • Biodiversity Celebration, May 22
  • Children’s Mini-Gardens, May to August
  • Fishway 20th Anniversary, August 26
  • Celebrating Connections Annuals Display, June to September
  • The Canada BioBlitz, July 21 and 22
  • Indigenous People & Plants Discovery Trail, September to January